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Timothy Mack - President


International Machine's solid partnerships and relationships have enabled us to meticulously execute complex deals, including bank takeovers and wind downs. We continue to supply and distribute machines, both domestically and internationally, through our proprietary negotiation process.


Jonathan Turner - Vice President 


Jonathan Turner has extensive experience in marketing and sales across multiple industries. As Vice President of sales Jonathan Turner is focused on growing International Machines revenue and gross Profit, through a strategic sales process with a proven history. As a machine dealer is International Machine is committed to finding the right machine for our customers.

Joe Gallant - Vice President 


Joe Gallant is an Operations Manufacturing consultant, providing consulting services for clients looking for improvements and guidance in cost savings measures and training. His duties include evaluating existing programs, evaluating equipment and facilities and interview staff.  His area of expertise is finding cost saving opportunities in Manufacturing, (plant flow, equipment, PM programs, facility maintenance) Health & Safety programs, Workers Comp costs, lowering Dart getting assistance from OSHA, Purchasing programs (buying power, outsource charge backs).

Joe Gallant has 30+ years of successful Operations Management and broad-based Executive leadership throughout the manufacturing industry with clients in the Steel Industry, Automotive, Aerospace, and Military throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. He has provided strong successful organizational leadership, cost savings programs, raining, active participation in negotiating contracts, managing all assets from staff, equipment, real estate, processes and production.


As Director of Operations it has allowed him to manage and find solutions to the many challenges of manufacturing, including purchasing real estate (6 new facilities in multiple states), purchasing and installing equipment including software and hardware, creating new cost saving programs for Health & Safety, Maintenance/ Facilities, Purchasing, IT, Production Scheduling through Lean Manufacturing principles.

As a former professional athlete and also coaching for 30 years my success is attributed to teaching and promoting the values of Team Concepts and Ownership for all employees and departments.  Changing the culture to keep staff involved and engaged has always been a main staple for success in any business and one that I’ll always use.



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