Tandem press line 7 presses Can also be bought one at a time



Presses, Horizontal

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Equipped With

Number of presses  7

2 Cushion • Air supplied

• Press 7- cushion box and cushion adjsutment system dismantled • 20-2400kN 

3 Upper Cushion  Available on Presses 2-7
4 Strokes in free run  11-19
5 Table Dimensions 2-7 3500x1900mm
6 Automation System Multi coupling - air connection
7 ADC Time Semi- Automatic 7 min
8 SPM Max. 10

Press line 2 overview- FOL


• Centering station modified in 2013 to automatic pins positioning based on linear drives (Bosch Rexroth Eco Drive)


• Roland DBD detectorpage5image23114880

• Destacking robot: Fanuc RJ-2S420F

• ABB feeder


Press line 2 overview- PR1 

Manufacturer: Schuler

YOM: 1962

Main drive: AEG DC drive 160 kW

Clutch and Break separated


Double action press 

Total stamping force: 16000 kN (outer slide: 6000kN and inner slide: 10000kN) 

Stroke: 950 mm 

Slide adjustment: 500 mm

Cushion adjustment: 200 mm

Outer slide max. height: 1700 mm

Inner slide max. height: 1600 mm

Table dim.: 3500 mm x 2750 mm 


Press line 2 overview- PR2-7


Manufacturer: Schuler

Manufacturing year: 1962

Manufacturer: FMI Mecfond

YOM: 1972 

Main drive: Schorch AC 150 kW/ press

Clutch and Break separated

Stamping force: 12000 kN (actual: 9000 kN

Stroke: 800 mm

Slide adjustment: 500 mm

Cushion adjustment: 185 mm 

Slide max. height: 1250 mm 

Table dim.: 3500 mm x 1900 mm




Robots between presses : Fanuc R2000iA 125L, R-J3iB

Unloading from press 7: ABB transfer 

Unloading from press 1: ABB transfer

EOL: short conveyor and schut 

Die Carts
Atlas Die Carts- Moving between presses manually during ADC
Serious Modifications and Repairs
2003/4 Automatization (robots + plc + hmi)

2004/5 Renovation of counterbalance cylinders

2006/7 Replacement of clutches and break plates on whole line
2010 Main drives replacement: Siemens Sickostar to Danfoss
2013 New centering station
2015 Automatic multicoupling system
2017 Replacement of all safety systems on whole line 
 ( plc S7 1517F, Euchner MGBs, Profinet) 
2018 Cushion of press 2- new damping krause 

Additionally was done:

1. Points of attachment to the press at height (entering the slide) - safety issue – every year controlled
2. PSV control: every year overview of vales by licensed mechanical operator