Makino A92 2020 Brand new!

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Machining Centers, Horizontal

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Troy, Michigan
United States


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Two (2) NEW Makino A92
Horizontal Machining Centers
Year: 2020 - NEW IN CRATE
Large Parts Machining Features:
Large 800mm x 1000mm rectangular tapped pallet to accommodate fixtures from 800mm or 1000mm square pallet machines
Up to 1500mm x 1500mm (59'' x 59'') work piece size (D x H)
Up to 6,600 lb. pallet weight capacity, 4,400 lb standard
Extra wide spaced, 4-cone pallet clamping (46,750 lbs clamp force) to allow full thrust machining at the top of Y axis
Optional 740 lb-ft torque spindle for machining large work piece materials
Up to 77 lb. tool weight capacity with 92 tool magazine and larger
Up to 350mm (13.78'') tool diameter with 92 tool magazine and larger
Up to 900mm (35.4'') tool length with 92 tool magazine and larger   
Standard Machine Features:
10,000 RPM Spindle
Automatic Spindle Lubricant
Automatic Linear Guide and Ball nut lubrication
40 Tool Magazine
Automatic Pallet Changer
Pallet Changer Safety Guard
800x1000mm Pallets with Tapped holes
Ball screw core cooling
Splash Guard with interlock
8 Nozzle Coolant
Air Dryer
310 psi Through Spindle Coolant
Center Trough Hinge Conveyor
Overhead Shower Coolant
Rear Discharge Lift-up Chip
Conveyor (scraper type)
Stack, 3-level Signal Light
Splash Guard Lighting
Manual Pulse Generator
Rigid Tap
Tool Monitoring Systems
Pallet Seat Confirmation Function
Key Professional 6 Control Features:
15'' Color Touch Screen Display
2GB Part Program Storage
1GB Data Center
Unlimited Number of Programs
32 Character Program Names
Tool Offset Memory C
1100 Macro Variables
54 Work Offsets
400 Tool Offsets
Macro Variable Output
High Speed Skip
Helical Interpolation
Programmable Spindle Orient
Coordinate System Rotation
Programmable Spindle Orient
Rigid Tap Retract
Program Quick Restart Function
GI.5 Multi-level High Speed Machining
Eight Digit Tool Codes
Mirror Image
Work Offset System Preset
Main Menu organized according to flow of operations
Forward / Back buttons facilitate navigation
Interactive Status bar
USB Interface
Maintenance advise screens
Tool Life Management
Tool Load Monitoring
Spare Tool Selection
Machining Results display
Production count monitor
Selectable Eco Mode for reduced energy consumption
Cut, paste, and replace program editing
Background edit function