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HXD 2500

Plasma Cutters

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Troy, Michigan
United States


Equipped With

PlatePro XHD Model 2500 Cutting Machine
Fabricated cross axis beam with large backshelf for increased rigidity.
Precision ground Linear ways on cross axis main beam Heavy Duty 56 inch dual side drive fabricated saddles with fore/aft side guide rollers
6 inch diameter main saddle rollers
Helical low backlash gearboxes with rack and pinion Y- axis drive for precise motion.
Fully captured X-Axis master drive carriage
Helical low backlash gearboxes with helical rack and pinion drive for precise motion.
Endless loop steel band for fully captured slave carriages. X and Y-Axis Cable Carriers for torch hose and cable management.
Effective cutting width: 96 inches
Inherent parking area for three slave torch stations allows full cutting width for master carriage.
Y-Axis Drive Rail & Floor Mount Package 10M
Consists of:
1-10M Heavy duty 22Kg machine rail, dual side drive rack & hardware.
1-10M Floor Mounted Weldment Package.
1-10M E Chain Cable Carrier with Guide Trays 1-Incoming Supply Power Cord and Hose Assemblies
Total rail system length = 32 ft. 6 in. Effective cutting length = 26 ft. 10 in.
Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC and Yaskawa Drive Interface w/Operator Console
Edge Connect TC - CNC Features:
Windows®10 Embedded
Intel J1900 Quad -core MCU or equivalent
120GB SSD Hard Drive or better
4 GB DDR3 or better
19 inch Glass Touchscreen with 1366x768 Native resolution
IntelliTouch Pro PCAP (Projected Capacitive touch technology)
2 USB 2.0 Ports
Built in Wireless Communication
Two Plasma Station Operator Console
Forward and backup on path function
Skip to pierce or Skip part function
Part Program Support
Remote Help
Supports Networking
Auto Gas Support
DXF Input
Simple Shape Nesting
Select-able Process Parameter table
Cut Pro Wizard
Pronest CNC version included (single part nesting)
Sure Cut technologies applied (True hole, Rapid Part and Optimize consumable life, True Bevel when applicable)
Koike Drive Interface Assembly
Koike Ethercat drive interface
3-Axis AC Servo Drive and Motor package
Low Backlash Planetary Gear units
CP5 40 tooth 2.5 inch Pinion
NEMA Electrical Enclosure/Machine Interface
Power Disconnects
1500 IPM Rapid speed with single phase power supplied 2000 IPM Rapid speed with three phase power supplied I/O To Support Up To 6 Tools
Koike Operator Console
Supports 2 Plasma Stations
Supports 4 Oxy-Fuel Stations Standard Supports Marking Functions
Input Power for Machine: 208VAC, 220VAC or 230VAC 60hz single phase 20amp circuit, OR 230VAC or 240VAC Three phase 20amp circuit
Supports 4 Oxy-Fuel Stations Supports Marking Functions
Sure Cut Technology by Hypertherm
Sure Cut technology gives us the optimum cutting experience and includes all the technologies listed below: One way to achieve this level of technology will be to use Koike PlateFab or Supergraph, PlatePro XHD, Mastergraph EX2 and or Versagraph model machines equipped with Hypertherm suite of products
1.True Hole Technology - True Hole® technology applies process expertise to automatically deliver bolt ready holes 2.True Bevel (if machine has a bevel head) - True BevelTM technology automatically applies the correct bevel angle and reduces operator trial and error
3.Rapid part technology - Rapid PartTM technology increases the number of parts produced per hour by automatically reducing cut to cut cycle time between parts 4.Optimized Consumable life - Sampled arc voltage CNC setting improves consumables life by automatically maintaining torch height
True Hole Capabilities are for Mild Steel Only
Maximum True Hole for XPR170 - 5/8" hole in 5/8" plate Maximum True Hole for XPR300 and HPR400 -1" hole in 1" plate
Refer to the system that has been quoted for its true hole
Plasma Torch Station
All Mounting Hardware Electrical Interface
Hypertherm HPR400XD Automatic Gas Plasma System
Power-Pierce Shield Technology For Extreme Piercing HPR400xd Power Supply
Automatic Gas Console
Remote High-Frequency
Quick Disconnect Machine Torch Assembly Shielded Torch Lead Set
Work Cable
Consumable Starter kit
Instruction Manual HPR400xd Specifications:
Power Requirements (3 Phase) 200/208 VAC 325 amp Slow Blow Fuse 220 VAC 300 amp Slow Blow Fuse 240 VAC 219 amp Slow Blow Fuse
380 VAC 400 VAC 440 VAC 480 VAC 600 VAC
175 amp Slow Blow Fuse 175 amp Slow Blow Fuse 150 amp Slow Blow Fuse 150 amp Slow Blow Fuse 110 amp Slow Blow Fuse
Gas System Requirements
O2 Oxygen 115 psi @ 150 scfh
N2 Nitrogen 115 psi @ 410 scfh
H35 Argon/Hydrogen 115 psi @ 150 scfh
F5 Nitrogen/Hydrogen 115 psi @ 150 scfh
Ar Argon 115 psi @ 150 scfh
Air 115 psi @ 400 scfh
**Air Pressure and Flow rate are critical to cut quality on these systems. Koike highly recommends clean dry air from an air booster tank or dedicated air source for this system. **
Cutting Capacities:
Mild Steel (O2/Air):
2" Maximum Production Pierce 3" Maximum Edge Start
Stainless Steel (H35/N2):
1-1/2" Maximum Production Pierce 2-1/2" Maximum Edge Start
Aluminum (H35/N2):
Do Not Cut Aluminum On The Water Table -- Doing so Can Result in Serious Personal Injury or Death
1-1/2" Maximum Production Pierce
3" Maximum Edge Start
Marking/Cutting Capability with the same Consumables
Koike Integrated Sensor THC Torch Height Control with Laser Pointer
Raise/lower stroke; 12 inches programmable up to 1,000 ipm. Initial height positioning, adjustable stroke retract between cuts and Dynamic positioning. Accuracy of 0.0005 inch. Mounting package, interconnecting cables and torch clamp
Collision Detection Mount
Mounting package with magnetic integral breakaway clamp for collision detection and system shutdown
Laser Pointer
Used to indicate position Mounted on master carriage

HPR Plasma Gas Regulator Kit
This Kit is for all Process Cutting Mild Steel/Stainless/Aluminum Includes:
1 Oxygen Regulator
2 Inert Regulator (Nitrogen and Argon)
2 Hydrogen Regulators (H35 / F5)
Does not include fittings, they are part of the tool kit with a new machine order.
Does not include the air regulator
Part No.: 1138999562

Pipeline Air Regulator
High Flow Capacity, Forged Brass Body Max Inlet Pressure: 3000PSI
Max Outlet Pressure: 250Psi
0-200 Psi Pressure Gauge
Part No.: 1138999520
ProNest 2021 Plasma Package with Local License by Hypertherm
Part No. 0868660129
Includes one base software license plus:
- Advanced plasma machine post processor (True HoleTM requirement)
- Automatic Nesting
- Collision Avoidance (Rapid PartTM requirement)
- Skeleton Cut-up
- Software Subscription (annual)
All standard features including:
Part Design & Development
- Integrated 2D CAD program to create and edit CAD files - Variable Shape Parts feature to develop common parts from templates
CAD/CAM Import & Conversion
- Import CAD files (industry-standard file formats)
- Import PDF
- Raster to Vector converts static images to CAD
- Import Bill of Materials properties from CAD files
- Automatic CAD file correction and error notification
- Automatic spline / ellipse smoothing and reduction
- Separate multiple parts from a single CAD file
- Automatic mapping of CAD layers to processes
(cut, mark)
- Automatically update nest with part revisions
- Automatic part corner radiusing for optimized cycle time
and part quality
Job Set-up
- Material database (with grade and gauge) - Customer database
- Custom remnant creation (define irregular shapes for nesting)
- Plate list
- Part library
- Assembly database
- Grain Cponstraint
- Safe Zones for plate clamping
- Multi Head cutting
SureCutTM Technology and Built-in Process Expertise
- True Hole® technology capable*
- Rapid PartTM technology capable*
- True BevelTM technology capable*
- Advanced process support and job set up on the CNC* - Material type, thickness, grade and class-based process
- Separations for part, plate, and pierce spacing
- Kerf compensation and feedrate
- Quality and dynamic feedrate calculator for waterjet
- Lead-in / out style optimized for part geometry
- Cutting techniques
- Cut sequencing – automatic or manual- Pre-pierce and edge pierce
- moving pierce techniques for waterjet
- Disable automatic height control based on part geometry - Pre-heat timing for oxy fuel
- Cut Sequencing-automatic of manual
- Vaporize protective film layer prior to laser cutting
- Automatic tabbing / micro-joints
- Fly cutting
Interactive Manual Nesting
- Jobs can contain sheets for different material types,
thicknesses, and classes
- Color parts according to part geometry
- Group parts into clusters for nesting
- Drag, drop and bump parts on the nest
- Move, mirror, rotate, or array parts
- Prohibit / permit nesting inside of a part
- Part interference detection
- Edit lead-in/out position and properties within the nest
- Animated cutting sequence simulation
- Control cut direction and cut sequencing on part-by-part
- Plate cropping
- Management and shop reports
- Export reports directly to PDF, Excel Spreadsheet, CSV, or webpage
- User-defined machine and labor production costing
- Automatic calculation of part production costs and
part/nest utilization
- OneClickTM feature runs all of your most common job
tasks from Automatic Nesting to output and more
applies to new ProNest orders and uninterrupted renewals.
Local License
A local license is housed on an individual PC and activates the software using a USB security device. The license can be moved to another PC by moving the device. If additional local licenses are purchased, each one will have its own USB security device. Includes On Line Training
Cutting Installation
Installation and training to be performed by Koike Aronson, Inc.
Installation charges are included in this quotation and cover labor, travel and living expenses.